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Some Very Amazing Facts About Mobile Data Usage

Mobile phones have today become one of the major requirements of our lives and it has become a liability rather than just a mode of entertainment. Here are some fascinating facts about mobile data usage which will definitely drop your jaw.

1.Last year the total worldwide mobile traffic had reached up to 1.5 exabytes per month. This is amazingly 81% more compared to the year 2012.

2.It is said mobile is growing at an insanely awesome pace. If you have a look at last years amount of mobile data traffic, it was almost 18 times higher than the whole global internet traffic in 2000.

3.Video dominates around 53% in worldwide mobile traffic.

4.Though there are only 4% 4G connections, but they generate around 30% of all mobile data traffic.

5.In the previous year, the mobile network connection speed has doubled compared to the global average which is of 526 kilobits per second.

6.The average usage of personal data per month has increased about 50% from 2012 to 2013.

7.There are only 27% smartphones in use today, but they account around 95% global handset traffic.

8.In the year 2013 around 45% of the mobile traffic was offloaded to Wi-Fi networks. If the offloading was not doneĀ  traffic would have been grown to 98%, instead of 81%.

9.Compared to a basic cell phone smartphones generate around 48 times more mobile data traffic.

10.On an average, a tablet generates 2,6 time more traffic compared to smartphones.

Looking at these increasing mobile usage trends it is predicted that by 2018, 4G mobile network will make up to 15% of mobile devices, but will generate 51% of traffic.